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HRC's Chad Griffin: On Tuesday, LGBTQ People Crushed It

LGBTQ voters and winners, like out Congresswoman-elect Angie Craig, made all the difference. 

Hate Kills: Fight Discrimination and Elect Stacey Abrams

Many LGBTQ Georgians are suffering. A callous Republican candidate could make things even worse, writes Chad Griffin.

HRC: We're Going After Sessions's Anti-LGBTQ Task Force

The president of the Human Rights Campaign explains what he's doing to stop the antigay attorney general's "Religious Liberty Task Force."

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Looming Disaster for LGBT, HIV-Positive People

Amid all the chaos, Trump and company hope they can slip this ideologue into the nation's highest court. HRC's Chad Griffin sounds the alarm.

A Watershed Moment for Equality

The defeat of North Carolina's Pat McCrory proves that progress has not completely ground to a halt, writes HRC's Chad Griffin.

It's Time for an LGBT Supreme Court Justice

HRC president Chad Griffin says Obama should nominate an out person for the job, and he has some suggestions.

Stand With Jazz and All Kids Like Her

A battle is being fought in America's schools over transgender children. We have to make sure the right side wins, says the HRC's Chad Griffin.

Op-ed: LGBT Americans Found a Hero in Julian Bond

The former state legislator and NAACP chairman fought for everybody.

Chad Griffin: We Must Fight for the National Equality Bill

The president of the Human Rights Campaign explains why a federal LGBT equality bill must pass Congress.

Ireland's Marriage Vote Will Echo Around the World

If Ireland denies marriage equality at the polls, it could harm LGBT people everywhere.

Op-ed: LGBT San Antonio Deserves Mayor's Protection

LGBT people are in the fight of their lives in Texas, but San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor says that's all just a waste of time.

Op-ed: Federal Equality, Nothing More, Nothing Less

As the next session of Congress begins, Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin explains why LGBT activists are gearing up to support a new piece of legislation.

Op-ed: Yes, LGBTs Can Still Find Allies With a GOP Majority

The election results may sting for some, but HRC president Chad Griffin says it's more important than ever to keep fighting on.

Op-ed: HRC's Chad Griffin Says Delaying Justice Is 'Maddening'

HRC president Chad Griffin toasts the states that extend the right to marry to all couples, but acknowledges many couples still seek equal justice.

Op-ed: Why Our Next Attorney General Should Be LGBT

This isn't about symbolism or filling a quota. It's about enduring justice for all Americans, says the president of HRC.

Op-ed: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

HRC executive director Chad Griffin on the controversial book Forcing the Spring, which documents the fight for marriage equality.