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How Once-Moderate Bush Got Hijacked by the Religious Right

Our October 1992 cover story explores how George H.W. Bush -- desperate to be reelected -- formed an unholy alliance that haunts us still. 

Gay Justice

While Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination is a step forward for diversity, an openly gay Supreme Court member remains a long shot -- unless President Obama bucks the trend.

Taking over the hot seat

Exclusive interview: On Monday, January 5, Cheryl Jacques took over as executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay-rights group in the country. In an election year in which GLBT issues are likely to be a big part of the debate, the former Massachusetts lawmaker and out lesbian is prepared for a wild ride.

Pro-peace, pro-health care, pro-gay

Howard Dean is catching the country's attention by being everything he says President Bush is not

Balance of justice

Cultural advances, openly gay clerks, and speculation about the sexual orientation of one of their own have substantially changed the way the Supreme Court justices weigh civil rights

The new face of gay conservatives

Republicans control the White House, the House of Representatives, and a majority of governorships. Now a new wave of openly gay conservatives wants to put gay rights on the agenda in George Bush's America