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Cleve Jones Is Here to Recruit You — to Help Stop the GOP

The legendary activist says it's all hands on deck for November.

Cleve Jones: Unions Have Our Backs and We Need to Return the Favor

The legendary activist is fighting for UNITE HERE's members and asking LGBTQ people to help if they can.

Cleve Jones: Why I’ll Be at Starbucks' Shareholder Meeting

The coffee giant is failing its LGBTQ workers, says the longtime activist.

Cleve Jones: This Labor Day, Remember Unions Have Our Back

The civil rights icon talks about his work with UNITE HERE, and how unions like this lift us all up.

A Birthday Message to Harvey Milk, From Cleve Jones

On what would have been Harvey Milk's 86th birthday, his former colleague and close friend shares his thoughts on the man and his legacy.

Op-ed: Don't Let Harvey Milk Down

On what would have been Milk's 85th birthday, Cleve Jones says the civil rights leader would want us to work harder for equality.

Cleve Jones Responds: Letter to the Editor

Disheartened by writer James Kirchick's recent commentary 'A Friend to Gays and Antigay Dictators Alike,' Cleve Jones writes a letter to the editor in support of his friend Sean Penn, a man he says is a "tireless champion of human rights both in the U.S. and around the world."

Me, Myself, and I

Cleve Jones interviews Emile Hirsch about the making of Milk.