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Op-ed: Divided We Fall

Finding common ground with a gun-loving guy in a pickup truck at 3 in the morning.

Op-ed: Struggling With an Addictive Relationship

Dave Stalling has always been attracted to wild things, but one particular being has him quite distracted.

Op-ed: How Grizzlies Made Me Gay

Being alone in the woods with a few wild grizzlies helped one man finally accept his sexuality.

Which Americans Are Responsible for Russia's Hate?

Where did Russia learn such bigotry? Take a look at our home-grown antigay activists.

Op-ed: Rick Perry's B.S. on BSA

When did inequality, discrimination and hate become American values?

Op-ed: What 'Straight-Acting' Really Means

"Straight-acting" and "gay-acting"--in the end, it's all just an act.

Dave Stalling Asks Whether the Economy Is Really Driving This Election

There are so many reasons to cast your vote on Tuesday. Should the economy be one of them?

Op-ed: Defining Marriage and Moby-Dick

Many hide behind the Bible to rationalize their opposition to marriage equality, but could they make a valid academic argument against equality?