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Flipping Out: We’re Havin’ a Gayby

Reality television gives us a chance to remember how long the to-do list is before starting a family.

No One Will Care for LGBT Boomers But Themselves

You can’t control getting older, but you can influence the quality of life, writes this financial planner.

Are Gays Really Better at Managing Money?

Profligate spender or pink penny pincher, where do you fit in?

Op-ed: What Gay Couples Must Know About Social Security

Same-sex married couples now have a few more options on how to take their Social Security benefits.

6 Ways Same-Sex Married Couples Can Prepare for Tax Time

This is the first year that some same-sex couples will be able to file federal taxes jointly. Here are a few ways to make sure you keep your fair share.

Op-ed: Are Gays Better With Money?

It's been reported that LGBT people earn more and have less debt than the general population, but does that mean we are actually better with money?

Op-ed: The Unlimited-Starbucks Budget

Reaching financial independence shouldn't mean having to skip your favorite Starbucks drink.

Op-ed: Love, Marriage, and Retirement

Another benefit to marriage equality? Tools to help make retirement planning a bit easier.

Op-ed: Will Gay Couples' 2013 Tax Bills Get Bigger?

Many same-sex married couples may get hit with a penalty that some of their straight friends are familiar with.

Op-ed: Those Real Housewives Are Not Examples of How to Be Rich

Faking it until you make it does not work for everyone. Even the Real Housewives.

Op-ed: De-Stress Your Retirement Plan

While the economy is improving, retirement saving is falling behind. Here's how to make the process less stressful.

Op-ed: The Golden Girls Retirement Plan

Could Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose hold the key to comfort in your later years?

Op-ed: Coupled Up and Saving Up

As rights and benefits change for same-sex couples in a post-DOMA world, these easy tips will help keep your finances consistent.

Op-ed: Filing Jointly?

DOMA is on its last legs. What does that mean for your money?

Op-ed: Boot Camp for Home Buyers

With interest rates near records lows, and housing prices on the rise, the housing market seems to be heating up again. Financial Planner David Rae walks you through some tips to help you make a sound home purchase.

Downton Abbey: The Financial Lessons

You love watching, but are you learning the lessons of financial strife?

Financial Planner Sounds Off on Romney, Buffett and Financial Victims

At least some of the sentiment defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney expressed in that now infamous videotape rings true for those of us living paycheck to paycheck.

Watch Out for the Gay Divorce Tax

No matter your sexual orientation, getting divorced is expensive. But it's actually much worse for same-sex couples that aren't prepared.

A Look at Whether Money Worries Make You Fat

Science has actually discovered that worrying about your finances could add on the pounds.

Tips to Becoming a Financially Savvy Gay

While not only a problem for gay people, consumerism is sometimes out of control and stunting our futures. Certified financial planner David Rae has some advice on the fight.