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Cooking for a change

Our career coach tells a laid-off flight attendant how to start a new career in the kitchen and helps another worker understand that getting more education means making more money

A is for action, B is for balance

This month our career coach helps an aspiring writer learn to make ends meet while pursuing a dream, and a worker who is suffering in a workplace full of low morale

Rewriting history

This month our career advice columnist helps a store manager move onto another career and helps a gay couple navigate the world of gay expo events

Decisions decisions

This month our career coach decides it's time for a gay couple from Indiana to move to a more progressive state, and gives the green light to a computer nerd who's about to start a business

The graduate and the neatnik

This month our career coach gives a postgraduation pep talk and offers advice to a reader who has found his future running a cleaning business.

Lets Get to Work Houston We Have a Problem

This month our career coach helps a Texan who feels lost on her life's career path and gives some needed advice to a Beverly Hills hotel worker who's been getting hot and heavy with a fellow employee during the workday.

One of the toughest careers around

Our career coach talks about how to navigate the ultracompetitive world of real estate and what to look for in a professional career counselor

Practice makes perfect

Our career coach talks about another resource for gays who want to move to Canada and how to deal with a past disappointment on the job.