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Gay GOP Presidential Candidate: I Endorse Democrat Pete Buttigieg

Fred Karger ran in the 2012 Republican primary alongside Rick Santorum and Michele Bachman. He's now ready to throw his weight behind Mayor Pete. 

Pete Buttigieg Is Not the First Gay Man to Run for President

Republican Fred Karger says the mainstream media is erasing his historic 2012 campaign.

NOM May Be Collapsing Before Our Eyes

The infamous antigay group is promising to reverse marriage equality, but it looks like it's fighting to stay alive. 

The Debate System Is Biased and Broken

Who gets to speak at debates is decided by network whim, says a gay former presidential candidate who was disinvited to a Fox News debate.

Will GOP Candidates Sign NOM's 2016 Hate Pledge?

The antigay National Organization for Marriage held much sway over the 2012 election. Fred Karger, an out GOP presidential candidate from that year, wonders if NOM will exert the same influence in 2016.

Op-ed: NOM Can’t Shut Me Down

Political adviser and activist Fred Karger is the thorn in NOM's side, and he doesn't care if the group doesn't like it.

Op-ed: NOM's Brian Brown, the 'Bigocrite'

Brian Brown claims to be the victim, but he and his organization have bullied so many people in the past.

Op-ed: Fred Karger Says It's Time For NOM to Go Down

Gay activist, and recent Republican presidential hopeful Fred Karger says it's time take on the National Organization for Marriage