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A refugee's fight

Abused for years by his homophobic father, 12-year-old Alvaro Orozco ran away from home in Nicaragua and eventually sought asylum in Canada. His claim rejected, he was to be deported in February. But a crusading queer civil rights lawyer stepped in and saved him--at least for now.

Gays in the ranks: Who cares?

About three fourths of military personnel say they would be fine with serving alongside out gays and lesbians. So why can't they?

In our parent's footsteps

LGBT kids who grew up with gay parents are finding support in groups like COLAGE. And they're discovering their desire to work in the gay rights movement.

Different games, familiar hurdles

Organizers of this summer's two competitions for gay athletes say they've learned their lessons so the events will be profitable now and viable for the future

Growing a gay old party

Patrick Guerriero has increased the Log Cabin Republicans' membership and budget--as well as its standing among liberal national gay rights groups. Of course, that means fewer invites to White House parties.

Queering the Democrats

The Stonewall Democrats group is repositioning itself in red states. Can it rally straight party loyalists to the side of equality?

Welcoming workplaces

In 2005 a record number of Fortune 500 companies are offering protections to gay and lesbian workers and their spouses. Here are 10 shining examples of the best employers

Family boosters

The nation's leading group of straight allies, PFLAG chapters can claim considerable grassroots success. But some members want more support from the struggling national office

The prime of Ms. Jean

Late activist Jean O'Leary got gays their first White House meeting and cofounded National Coming Out Day

Mad at Microsoft

Operations program manager Jeff Koertzen was so angry that his employer backtracked on supporting gay equality that he quit the company. In an exclusive Q&A he accuses a top Microsoft executive of lying to employees