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Some of Us Weren’t 'Fixed,' and the Results Were Fantastic

"Today I'd like to highlight the fact that intersex people are much more than just the medical procedures that we are often subjected to."

Why We Must Dismantle the Intersex Closet

Intersex people must come out in order to show the world they're happy as they are, writes Hida Viloria.

Op-ed: Stop Freaking Out About Female Intersex Athletes

The scientific authorities have said multiple times that intersex women don't have an advantage in athletics. So won't the sporting authorities just let them play?

Op-ed: What's in a Name: Intersex and Identity

Is intersex an identity or a diagnosis?

Op-ed: Germany's Third-Gender Law Fails on Equality

When a choice isn't really a choice.

Op-ed: Why We Must Protect Intersex Babies

Cosmetic genital surgery or sex reassignment surgery on intersex babies is just wrong -- case closed.

Op-ed: Intersex, the Final Coming-Out Frontier

Even Plato knew that LGBT was missing the 'I.'