Jacob Ogles

Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen talks to us about 1985, her new movie that depicts some of the darkest days of the crisis.

April 24 2018 6:21 AM

A new report highlights how major corporations can find their YouTube advertising running alongside racist and antigay content.

April 20 2018 6:34 PM

The trial in Orlando left some media theorizing that homophobia played no role in the massacre.

April 06 2018 11:34 AM

After stunning the world at the March for Our Lives rally, the out survivor talks next steps.

April 05 2018 4:02 AM

The wife of the Pulse shooter is now free and everyone from her lawyer (pictured) to the jury foreman are speaking freely.

March 30 2018 8:08 PM

Prosecutors could not convince a jury — beyond a reasonable doubt — that the shooter's wife knew a massacre would take place.

March 30 2018 12:06 PM Updated