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Jacob Ogles

Naomi Esther Blemur's tweeted a video in support of an "ex-homosexual," along with other anti-LGBTQ+ tweets. 

August 08 2022 10:44 AM

Andrew Warren signed a pledge to not take part in efforts supporting anti-gender-affirming care policies or anti-abortion laws. 

August 04 2022 4:41 PM

The state's Department of Health and its Department of Education have pushed to restrict trans rights.

August 01 2022 12:20 PM

The Miami school board reversed an earlier decision in April to approve the textbooks.

July 21 2022 2:33 PM

The Texas senator has long been a marriage equality foe, but he's taking the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade to make his case.

July 16 2022 8:24 PM

The state is working on a proposed rule change to its Medicaid program that would bar trans people from having their gender-affirming care covered. 

July 12 2022 4:37 PM

Gov. Ron DeSantis's comments follow those of several Republican lawmakers who have come out saying children should not be allowed at drag shows. 

June 12 2022 11:34 AM