Jacob Ogles

But how will homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro respond?

May 24 2019 8:59 AM

Prime Minister evolved from homophobic MP to enforcer for equality in Great Britain.

May 24 2019 8:50 AM

The Democratic challenger said Trump exploited his privilege so "somebody could go to war in his place."

May 23 2019 11:57 AM

The Levada Center finds support for equality for LGBTQ people are at a 14-year high.

May 23 2019 8:59 AM

The QPOC icon needed inspiration. And the Oscar winner delivered.

May 23 2019 8:30 AM

Minister says Mayor Pete Buttigieg must prove he's not "too gay."

May 22 2019 10:17 AM

NBC found thousands of LGBTQ and disabled migrants kept in isolation over a five-year period.

May 22 2019 9:28 AM