Jacob Ogles

Jerri Ann Henry previous led the Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry campaign.

10:40 AM

It looks as though the Arizona Democrat will be the country's first out bisexual politician in the U.S. Senate. 

November 12 2018 8:46 AM Updated

The former First Lady said Trump was cruel and dangerous when it came to Obama's husband, her children, and Hillary Clinton.

November 09 2018 12:35 PM

America wakes up to news of the latest mass shooting.

November 08 2018 8:45 AM Updated

The South Florida community made history in that state on Tuesday. 

November 07 2018 10:47 AM

That was one of several homopbobic comments the Iowa congressman made on the eve of the midterm election.

November 06 2018 1:29 PM

Politicians, aware the queer electorate could swing their races, are specifically reaching out to LGBTQ voters.

November 05 2018 8:49 AM