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A Letter to the House of Taylor on Ties to Dorchester Properties

Writer and activist James Duke Mason questions the organization over its collaboration with Dorchester Collection properties, connected to the anti-LGBTQ+ Brunei government.

Nothing Has Changed: The Dorchester Hotels Boycott Is Still in Place

The boycott has contributed to the sultan and his Brunei Investment Agency, the sovereign wealth fund of Brunei, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

The Housing Crisis: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Places like West Hollywood and Hell's Kitchen are pricing out the LGBT people they once welcomed. James Duke Mason says the insanely high cost of urban living receives scant attention from leaders and activists.

Op-ed: With Immigration, Their Fight Is Our Fight

The LGBT community's battle for equality is intrinsically tied to the current war over the issue of immigration.

Op-ed: Why Pride Still Matters

You can be cynical all you want about LGBT Pride -- we still need it.

Op-ed: Why LGBT People Around the World Need Israel

Israel acts as an example of a pro-LGBT society in a part of the world where sexual and gender minorities are often persecuted.

Op-ed: 10 People Who Make Me Proud of Young LGBTs

This Pride season, there are a lot of young LGBT people to be proud of.

Op-ed: The Gay Truth About Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan failed to successfully combat the AIDS crisis, but does that make him antigay?

Op-ed: Steve Grand Is The Role Model That Gay Youth Need

The singer of the summer, Steve Grand, was the musical disruption we all needed.

James Duke Mason Asks Whether Older Gay Films Have Lost Their Relevance

Few young LGBT people attended a recent anniversary screening of the landmark gay film Making Love. Is it because themes of the earlier films have lost their impact?