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Why Walmart Became LGBT-Friendly

Though it once held our rights at arm's length, Walmart is now making steady turns toward support for LGBT nondiscrimination. What's driving the change? And are other Fortune 500 companies following suit? 

Remembering Those Lost on Flight 17

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was caught in the crosshairs of an ongoing war in Ukraine, six people dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS were killed. They are remembered here.

The Advocate's Person of the Year: Vladimir Putin

Driving the governmental, religious, and popular disdain for gays and lesbians, the Russian president became the single greatest threat to LGBTs in the world in 2014.

Exporting Equality With the Pink Dollar

'Good for business' has become a rallying cry for LGBT activists, and multinational corporations interested in the bottom line are taking heed. Will money be the vehicle that drives Western-style equality around the globe?

Can San Francisco Become the First AIDS-Free City?

The city that was once the deadly AIDS epicenter of the world is now striving to be AIDS-free. What does that mean, and why is San Francisco poised to achieve this goal the way no other American city could?

What Happens When Gays Join Right-Wing Survivalists?

What happens when gays take part in the right-wing, isolationist survival movement?