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What to Do When You're Asked to Butch It Up for Work

Partners in life and business, Jim Burba and Bob Hayes dealt with homophobia as openly gay cofounders of a hotel company. They tell us how they handle working with clients who want them to "play it straight."

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The producers of Broadway's newest hit, Disaster!, discuss why the Me Decade is worth revisiting.

Op-ed: Are We More Successful Because We're Gay?

Business and life partners Jim Burba and Bob Hayes see the very practical advantages in being gay.

Op-ed: Yes Dear, You're the Boss. Now Do as I Say

If your business is a 50-50 partnership, who really makes the final decisions?

Op-ed: Balance is Key When You Work with Your Partner

In any business or personal relationship, maintaining balance and perspective is a fundamental key to success -- just ask this successful couple.

Op-ed: How to Succeed in Business--With Your Partner

Thinking of going into business with your life partner? Jim Burba and Bob Hayes explain how they did it.