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Holy hypocrites Hollywood

Talk about casting stones: The same forces in Hollywood that are now condemning Mel Gibson are guilty of their own bigotry. And can you say you've never crossed that line?

HIV as thread not fabric

The author describes how HIV has woven in to his plots and into his life.

The dark side of Brokeback Mountain

While Brokeback has certainly exposed mainstream America to the emotional truth of gay romantic love, the torrent of media coverage surrounding the film reveals a deeply rooted repugnancy toward homosexuality

The rocky political trail that led to Brokeback

The Brokeback Mountain phenomenon didn't happen by accident--it comes after decades of gay activism, political progress, and gradual changes in the media's coverage of homosexuality

There won't be trumpets

Should we herald Tab Hunter and other celebs who come out late in life? Not so much, argues novelist and journalist John Morgan Wilson. Where have they been all these years?