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Speak Now: Prop. 8 Decision Will Pave Way for National Marriage Victory

In this excerpt from his new book, Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial, Kenji Yoshino says the case against California's Proposition 8 was the first time antigay prejudice was put on trial -- and lost.

Prop. 8: Which Way Now?

Will the courts or the ballot box be the best way to overturn California's anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment? Legal scholar Kenji Yoshino examines both approaches.

Gays on a plane

Two guys in love snuggle in their seats. A flight attendant reprimands them. An ugly incident ensues. Dreading this kind of embarrassment, many of us "cover"--hide our love in public. But if we're hiding, how can we make progress?

Covered Mountain

The author of Covering: The Hidden Assault on our Civil Rights sees the gay rights movement as a history of weakening demands for assimilation. So where does Brokeback fit in?