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The Gay Wonder Years

A re-reading of Armistead Maupin's classic reminds us of a time before the post-modern pandemic.

The Next Year Is Going to Get Even Uglier. Courage Won't Be Optional

As FDR stated, we must battle fear, like the kind Trump is hoping will get him reelected and out of jail.

Navigating the Yellow Brick Road to a Rainbow-Hued Future

The modern-day glut of information is as confusing as Oz was to Dorothy -- but we must keep moving forward and click our heels at the voting booth, Kurt Niece writes.

How Masculine Stereotypes Fuel Mass Shootings

Men who feel they can't measure up to society's expectations often respond by killing themselves or others, writes Kurt Niece.

Cruising Ain't What It Used to Be

The thrill of the hunt may mostly be gone, but at least we have Netflix and chill now.

Are We on the Precipice of a New Society?

The world is scary these days, but maybe it's because our culture is in the messy process of becoming something better.

The Most Damaging Erasure Happened at the Voting Booth

This writer is still getting dinged for poking fun last year at the queer community's ever-expanding acronym; he finds the indignation hard to swallow in the age of Trump and Pence.

Religion Is the Biggest Bully of Them All

Gay Arkansas writer Kurt Niece considers the outsize role other people's religion has in his life and the world.

Remember Who Is Really Erasing Us

Internal disagreements are distracting us from the real enemy, writes Kurt Niece.

LGBTQIDONTKNOW: The Acronym Struggle Is Real

This seasoned gay thinks we need an all-encompassing word for our community -- and it's staring us in the face.

How to Handle Mortality, From a Gay Senior Staring It Down

What's the afterlife like? Writer Kurt Niece imagines a trendy waiting room with champagne and crab legs.

Which Is Worse: Platitudes or Aging?

It's fun to terrorize the young with (mostly made-up) tales of how bad it is getting older.

Can Gay People Ever Master Aging Gracefully?

Generally speaking, gays are obsessed with the corporeal. That doesn't mean we need to obsess over our waist size into our golden years or spend the duration of our lives at the gym.