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When laws fail to protect trans people, harmful medicalized norms creep in

"Medical intervention for trans people, like all others, should be undertaken based on individual informed consent," writes Kyle Knight, co-interim director of Human Rights Watch's LGBT Rights Program.

India’s Transgender Rights Law Isn’t Worth Celebrating

Solely linking transition with surgery is wrong on so many fronts, writes Kyle Knight of Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch: Australia's Marriage Vote Is Cruel and Antigay

Human Rights Watch's Kyle Knight weighs the human cost of asking a nation to determine whether a marginalized community is worthy of equality.

The Secret to Battling Homophobia in Japan's Schools: Manga

LGBT portrayals in Japan are so rare that comics and anime have become lifelines for queer youth there, writes Kyle Knight of Human Rights Watch, who helped create a new manga series that celebrates sexual and gender diversity.

Slaughtered in Bangladesh for Promoting Love and Diversity

Bangladesh's beleagured LGBT community deserves the government's respect, but more importantly, the community deserves protection from fatal attacks by extremists, says this researcher at Human Rights Watch. 

Third-Gender Passports May Be the Future of Trans Travel

This weekend, LGBT activist Bhumika Shrestha became the first Nepali citizen to travel abroad carrying a passport marked O instead of M or F. Would this help gender-nonconforming people around the world?