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Comparing Harvey Weinstein to a Night at a Gay Bar Is Insane

A commentary in USA Today claimed most gay bars are sweaty sex dens where nonconsensual groping is rampant, akin to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. Which bars does this op-ed writer frequent? 

Op-ed: My Unforgettable Trip to the High Court

Activist Lane Hudson camped out to see the historic Supreme Court hearing firsthand. He tells what it felt like to witness history up close.

Op-ed: Missing the Point in Ferguson

We must seek to understand the ways in which oppression is a shared burden that ignores racial and orientation boundaries.

Op-ed: Politics, Grief and Meningitis

What the flap over meningitis, John Duran, and Brett Shaad can teach us.

Op-ed: The Clintons and Marriage

Lane Hudson on Bill and Hillary Clinton's long, complicated journey with marriage equality.

Proclamations or Progress?

After more than five months of no action on his agenda for the LGBT community, expectations are high for Obama in the month of June -- Pride month. But will he deliver?

Time to Reset Our Revolution

COMMENTARY: A bold agenda that would provide full equality for all LGBT people is currently gaining ground outside gay organizations and politicians -- Lane Hudson says it might be what our movement needs.

Ted Haggard Takes Another Man

The Ted Haggard saga continues -- this time with the announcement there was another man, one the New Life Church paid off. Will the vicious cycle ever end?

It's Not About Marriage With Rick Warren

Saying gay people opposed Rick Warren's participation in Obama's inauguration because he's against marriage equality is like saying the Jews opposed Hitler because he was anti-Semitic.

Ted Haggard Continues to Screw the Gays

Haggard has admitted to having gay sex, to exploring his sexuality as a teen, to ongoing confusion regarding his sexuality -- yet people still allow him to call himself straight.

Will Marriage in 2010 Be Any Different?

Since the passage of Prop. 8, many gays and lesbians have been searching for clarity on why we suffered a close loss at the ballot box. With emotions high, suggestions, criticism, and questions somehow seem out of bounds. Meanwhile, we continue to wait for insight from those who are perhaps most able to offer it: the executive committee of Equality for All.

30 Years Later, We Can Still Learn From Milk

COMMENTARY: Thirty years after the death of Harvey Milk, Americans can still learn from his inspiring and profound work as an activist, politician and friend. With the story of his life opening in theatres this week, Lane Hudson takes a look back at how Milk's legacy lives on -- and what we can to do pay tribute to the legend.

Setting the Agenda ... the Gay One

COMMENTARY: Prior to the election of Barack Obama, the gay rights agenda risked becoming nothing more than a wish list. But after nearly 30 years during which no major piece of gay rights legislation has been passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president, it is time to make a a real push for true equality. Our time at the back of the bus must end. Now.

What Obama's Victory Means for the LGBT Community

In 1968, U Street in the northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., was on fire and a focal point of racial tension. Forty years later it was a scene of a racially diverse celebration of Barack Obama's election as president of the United States of America. But what does this excitement mean for our country? Will it translate into anything for the LGBT community?

Gay Dems and Republicans Can Find Common Ground in Obama

COMMENTARY: According to polls, George W. Bush received around 25% of the gay vote in 2000 and 2004 in spite of his abandoning a promise to be a compassionate conservative. Now the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed a McCain-Palin ticket, and while this endorsement is essential to LCR's remaining politically relevant within the GOP, the gay community should not follow Log Cabin's lead -- and instead should fervently and actively support Barack Obama.

Congress, Washington Culture to Blame for Foley Vindication

Lane Hudson became a household name when he revealed to the Human Rights Campaign that he was the anonymous blogger who exposed the scandal that brought down congressman Mark Foley. Now he responds to Advocate writer James Kirchick's analysis of how the Foley investigation led to the shamed lawmaker being vindicated of all crimes.

Why I outed Foley

The blogger who posted Rep. Mark Foley's (pictured) nasty e-mails helped to sweep change into Washington. Still, this was a case of one gay man outing another. Does Lane Hudson have any brotherly regrets? Um, not really.