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Christian, Straight and Our Best Allies

Tony Marconi supported gay rights long before his ex-wife came out as a lesbian...and long before he ran for Ohio State representative. But Bush's 2004 win, plus that year's constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in Ohio, made Marconi and his wife, Martha Filipic, LGBT rights advocates for life.

A Spot of Blue in a Sea of Red

With Barack Obama making Virginia look like it might just go blue in 2008, things are slowly improving for the LGBT community throughout the state. But with the state still not recognizing civil unions or domestic partnerships -- nevermind marriage -- Equality Virginia's Molly McClintock recognizes they still have a long way to go.

A Tale of Two Gay Would-be Mayors

Remember the Fort Lauderdale mayor who wanted to spend $230,000 on a "robo-toilet" to cut down the number of men who have sex with men in public restrooms? His name is Jim Naugle, and after 18 years in office, come spring 2009, the homophobic mayor will bid adieu to City Hall. Two gay men are seeking to take his place and, in aligning themselves with Barack Obama's bid for the White House, hoping to make Florida a blue state in 2008.

Pat Steadman Fights to Turn Colorado Blue

Since Colorado's Amendment 2 changed the state constitution to prohibit new laws to protect lesbians and gays from discrimination in 1992, LGBT activist Pat Steadman has been at the forefront of Colorado's equal rights battle. Now, for the first time since that year, Colorado looks like it could well swing Democrat in November's election, thanks in large part to the work of Steadman and Equal Rights Colorado.