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66 Glorious Moments From Los Angeles's DTLA Proud Party

Photographer Lorenzo Gomez captured the joy and sizzle of folks just happy to be out and about.

The Party Returns to Los Angeles Gay Bar Redline

Photographer Lorenzo Gomez captures the joy of reunion at Redline in Downtown Los Angeles after COVID closure.

92 Photos of the Sights, Sounds, and Smells of SUMMERTRAMP

SUMMERTRAMP's 9 year anniversary was a downtown Brigadoon of delight. And Lorenzo Gomez got it all in his camera.

111 Photos of Dads, Studs, Pups, and Divas for Tom of Finland

The yearly bash at the Faultline is a beloved L.A. tradition to honor Tom of Finland and kick off the summer season with bears, boys, bare butts, and beer.

110 Pics of Daddy Issues by Lorenzo Gomez

All shades, all hues, all identities, all converge at Daddy Issues parties.

55 Photos of Old School Drag and Fundraising by Cyclepaths

Hosted by Sister Bearonce Knows, Bikes on Broadway is a drag revue of some of Broadway’s greatest hits performed by members of AIDS/LifeCycle’s Team Cyclepaths.

33 Photos of Leather Bonding at the Mr. Faultline Leather Contest

The leather contest season has started and everything leads up to IML in Chicago in May.