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No Turkey-Basters Involved

In their latest step toward conception, writer Maggie Quale and her partner visit the bank (not Wells Fargo). After the insemination, there's nothing to do but think positive.

Daddy Drama

In Maggie Quale's latest column on her journey to parenthood, she and her partner ponder potential paternal problems.

Your Pregnant Body Should Be a Wonderland

After a short break, writer Maggie Quale is back with her tales of trying to conceive with her partner, Kim. As the process accelerates, Maggie looks to make her body more baby-friendly.

Baby by Design

In her latest dissection of the gay parental process, Maggie Quale heads to the sperm bank and discovers too much choice can be bad thing

Straight talk from gay parents

In Maggie Quale's latest column on gay parenting, the writer offers up advice on letting go.

Silencing a beating heart

In this installment of Maggie Quale's series on gay parenting, the writer explores the guilt that LGBT people sometimes face when deciding to bring a new life into the world rather than adopt.

Giving in to baby fever

In the first entry of a biweekly series, writer Maggie Quale chronicles the funny, sad, and thoroughly modern journey she and her partner are taking in their quest to become moms.