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Do One Thing to Make the Holidays Less Lonely

It's easy — especially for LGBT people — to succumb to vices this time of year. Here's how you can keep your friends and family on the right path.

How to Ensure LGBT Vets Don't End Up Homeless and Addicted

Thanks to discrmination and the stress of war, queer servicemembers are highly susceptible to alcohol and drug dependency. Thankfully, there's a way to advocate for specified treatment at the nation's largest VA campus.

LGBT Vets Are Turning to Drugs and Need Help

Officials need to come up with a plan to help LGBT vets, because many are suffering.

Why Is Danny Pintauro Alone in Talking About Gay Men and Meth?

The media often depicts crystal meth addicts as poor and straight. The truth is much gayer.

LGBT Addiction Is Not the Same as Straight Addiction

The executive director of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center tells us why queer people suffering from addiction need specialized help.