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LGBTQI People Blamed, Defended at Vatican Sex Abuse Summit

Amid the latest scandal, Catholic powerbrokers are being pulled in different directions. But there could be a way forward.

What Ever Happened to 'Who Am I to Judge?'

Pope Francis's latest comments indicate he may be gearing up to blame LGBTQ people for the Catholic Church's child sex scandals.

When It Comes to Sex, the Catholic Church Has Lost All Credibility

What the church's horrific child abuse scandal means for lawmakers and LGBTQ Catholics.

The Pope's Gay-Supportive Words Could Change the Church Forever

If the Vatican stands by Pope Francis's reported remarks, it could be the start of a new era of acceptance.

What Can Queer People Expect From Pope Francis? Not Much

The pope just can't stop disappointing us.

Making Trans People the Enemy Was Another Vatican Mistake

The Catholic Church took an enormous leap backward with its recent declaration that trans people are unfit to be godparents.