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How 'The Blue Lagoon' Saved My Life

Forty years after the film sent hearts racing, an avid gay fan reflects on its lifelong influence on him.

Yes, You Can Be Queer And Nonbinary

My gender odyssey is always evolving, and that should be celebrated. 

Bi, Gay, Queer, Non-Binary: It Can Take a Lifetime to Find What Fits

It's been a journey, but Michael Matson now knows who he is.

Model, Celeb Photographer, 'Out' Editor David Jensen Dies at 52

Jensen's friend, former Advocate editor Michael Matson, recalls an affable artist who could make even Anna Wintour smile.

Scavullo and the great ones

Openly gay photography legend Francesco Scavullo shot every great celebrity for decades: Grace, Liz, Janis, Liza, Barbra, Brooke, Cindy, Bowie, and on and on and on up to the present day. By the time he died at age 82 on January 6, he was not only a chronicler of the great ones, he had long since become one himself.