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My Naked Soldier: WWI and WW2

Photographer and collector Michael Stokes has two new books, one of which captures wartime eroticism.

24 Pictures of Michael Stokes's Sinners and Saints

Photographer Michael Stokes is publishing a pair of alluring new books.

15 Private Photos from the Collection of Michael Stokes

These are the photos that have been put aside for review. Maybe they are candid, or silly, or far too revealing. Michael has collected them into a new book Deconstructed.

11 Photos Combine the Erotic and the Divine by Michael Stokes

In his new book, Divine Eros, Stokes explores the overlap between body and soul.

The (Straight) Male Gaze Rules on Sanitized Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and now Tumblr prize naked women, while deleting naked men. The ramifications are bigger than a shortage of sexy pics.