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How Prop. 8 Woke Up a Sleeping Gay Giant

LGBT historian Nathaniel Frank breaks down the 60-year battle for marriage equality in his new book, Awakening: How Gays and Lesbians Brought Marriage Equality to America. In this excerpt, Frank looks at how Prop. 8 catalyzed a movement. 

Op-ed: Conservatives' Misread of Keynes Reveals Bias

A backhanded insult to gays and revered economist John Maynard Keynes proves that those who are only fiscal conservatives and not social conservatives can still be homophobic.

Op-ed: How Facts and Figures Led to the End of DADT

Scholar Nathaniel Frank explains how cold, hard facts changed hearts and minds about gay rights in the military.

Op-ed: Next Our Most Ardent Opponents Must Change

We've swayed the movable middle. Now it's time to change the way the right wing thinks about us.