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Nick Mesh Makes Muscle Books to Have and Hold

The photographer has been perfecting the naked male body since he was drawing his classmates in school.

37 Photos of Naked Muscle Men You Can Touch

You can hug them, you can wrap yourself in their muscular bodies — all that and more with Nick Mesh's big, buff collection of accessories.

22 Big, Thick, Naked Friends of Nick Mesh

Yep, not models. These are guys that photographer Nick Mesh hangs with.

15 Photos of Guys as Thick as Tree Trunks from Nick Mesh

Nick Mesh's portraits of bodybuilders in the morning light remind us that nothing is grander than the beauty of nature. The photos are from his new book: This Morning in the Woods.

How to Objectify a Bodybuilder In 34 Photos

Nick Mesh knows that some of us might like to curl up with a big, musclebound pillow (or two).