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The Log Cabin Republicans' Uncertain Future

The Log Cabin Republicans strive for legitimacy within a party that worked tirelessly against marriage equality. Can they replicate past successes battling "religious freedom" in red states?

As Utah Goes... No Other State Can Follow

The state's particular religious composition means its new LGBT nondiscrimination law, including religious carve-outs, may not be applicable elsewhere.

King's Accused Killer to be Tried

A California judge ruled Wednesday that probable cause exists to try 15-year-old Brandon McInerney, accused slayer of gay classmate Larry King, for premeditated murder.

McInerney Family Seeks to Fire Public Defender; Guardian Appointed

A California judge Tuesday appointed a guardian to protect the interests of 14-year-old Brandon McInerney, the accused killer of openly gay 15-year-old classmate Lawrence King, the Ventura County Star reports. The move came after McInerney's family said it wanted to fire the public defender's office, which is currently representing McInerney, in favor of a private law firm that has reportedly agreed to defend the case for $1.

Calif.'s Prop. 8: It's Not Over Till It's Over

Even if California voters pass the antigay marriage amendment in November, marriage equality could still prevail.

McInerney's Lawyer: I Won't Gay-Bash

As the arraignment of Lawrence King's accused killer, Brandon McInerney, gets postponed again, both the prosecuting attorney and the public defender talk to The Advocate