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David Johansen: Still a Doll

The New York Dolls--a cross-dressing rock band who were glam and punk before punk even existed--are back, led once again by David Johansen. Music, he still believes, should be "campy and sexy and fun."

More Liza than Sid Vicious

It's no wonder the Dresden Dolls--who don't like labels, sing about sexual liberation, and have a drummer who loves to cross-dress in sequins--has a big gay following. An interview with Dolls composer-singer-pianist Amanda Palmer.

Crash course with Kathleen Bird York

The Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter talks about her road to Crash, reflects on the emotional roots of her music, and pays tribute to her gay filmmaker brother

The Best of Brandy

The pop superstar talks to her gay and lesbian fans on the occasion of her brand-new greatest hits package, The Best of Brandy