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Peter Montgomery

Lost amid his alleged dalliances with children is the fact that the twice-fired judge has no respect for the rule of law.

December 08 2017 6:04 AM

Our flailing president has given a huge platform to rabid homophobe and misogynist Austin Ruse.

March 21 2017 5:25 AM

Donald Trump's grand bargain with the right wing is now coming into focus.

January 04 2017 5:44 AM

Both the GOP nominee and many of his LGBT supporters are using Islamophobia to sway Democrats. It's disgraceful, writes People for the American Way's Peter Montgomery.

October 03 2016 5:52 AM

The NFL quarterback’s decision to back out of a speaking engagement is a milestone for LGBT equality, argues Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery.

March 04 2013 4:48 AM