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Taking the Long View With Trump

Longtime activist Robin Tyler sees shades of 1930s Germany in this year's election, but also hope on the horizon.

How Roberta Kaplan Met Edie Windsor and Changed History

Longtime equality activist Robin Tyler explains why Roberta Kaplan's new book, Then Comes Marriage, is a must-read. (Above: Kaplan [left] with Windsor)

Op-ed: How My Marriage Went From Skim to Creamy Cake Icing

Marriage activist Robin Tyler on the tireless efforts to make marriage happen, and the continuing road for full equality.

Op-ed: My Marriage Is Not an Experiment, Justice Alito

Activist Robin Tyler wants to remind the Supreme Court justices that they're not ruling only on laws. People's lives are at stake.

Prop. 8: A Case About Justice

Robin Tyler and her wife, Diane Olson, are plaintiffs in the California supreme court case seeking to overturn Proposition 8. Now, Tyler says, the time for saying "please don't divorce us" is over.