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Older People Are Not the Only Ones Who Can Die From This Virus

A disproportionate focus has weakened the government's response and put disadvantaged groups like LGBTQ people in harm's way.

Facing Reelection, Trump Expands His Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

The impeached and desperate president is capable of anything, writes Sean Cahill of The Fenway Institute.

Trump's 'Conscience Rule' Is a Perversion of Religious Freedom

Protecting homophobic and transphobic doctors is the opposite of divine.

How the Juvenile Justice System Is Failing LGBTQ Youth

The failure puts these incarcerated young people at risk and is bad for society as a whole, writes Sean Cahill of Fenway Health.

Op-ed: How the Disappearing Gay Bars Are Aiding HIV

Social isolation among LGBT elders may be contributing to new HIV infections, but community building can slow the advance.

Op-ed: Are You Being Served -- Medically?

Two small steps from the federal government could make trips to medical professionals a little more, well, professional.