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Debunking the Black Blame

Pointing fingers at California's African-Americans over the passage of Proposition 8 is rushing to judgment, writes The Advocate's Teresa Morrison. Race-baiting is simply a repeat of the terrible injustice of Prop. 8.

Full Faith and Credit: Past Due

Following the California supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage, Teresa Morrison reflects on another decision 60 years ago by that same court, which defied popular prejudice to further marriage equality and turned the tide of the nation's status quo.

Katharine Jefferts Schori for President

She's among our most committed allies in the battle for LGBT inclusion and equality -- and she happens to wear a clerical collar.

Boy, Interrupted

It can happen wordlessly, as in a women's restroom, where I sometimes catch a fellow patron's gaze tracking from my face to my breasts and back again, her attitude one of idle curiosity or confusion, occasionally disgust or hostility.

The Impending Veto

Forty years after the Lovings won the freedom to marry, gays and lesbians are still denied what the Supreme Court deemed a "basic civil right."

Teresa turns 40

An Advocate copy editor delineates her place in the gay rights movement