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People of the Year: Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

On October 6, the Nobel committee awarded half of the 2008 prize in medicine to two French virologists, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier, for their discovery of HIV in 1983. talked with Barre-Sinoussi about the fight for credit for discovering the virus, a slowdown in practicing prevention, and her main research focus today.

Role Model

Jack Mackenroth of Project Runway season 4 unveiled his new HIV/AIDS education campaign on Monday night at the Gay Men's Health Crisis Fashion Forward benefit in New York City. Called "Living Positive by Design" and sponsored by Merck and Co., the initiative seeks to combat the stigmatization of people living with HIV.

Conn. Marriage Ruling Shifts Focus to Calif., Presidential Race

While LGBT citizens and supporters were rejoicing at the Connecticut supreme court's Friday decision to legalize same-sex marriage, others were already weighing what effect the ruling might have on this year's marriage amendment battles in California, Arizona, and Florida as well as the presidential election.