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Buttigieg Has Changed the Game No Matter What Happens in Iowa

Pete Buttigieg's presence in the top tier of presidential hopefuls represents a tipping point for the LGBTQ community, writes Zeke Stokes.

Mike Pompeo Doesn't Deserve to Be Secretary of State

This homophobe, transphobe, and Islamophobe isn't fit to be America's top diplomat.

Op-ed: Growing Up Gay in the South Doesn't Have to Be Horrible

Hailing from South Carolina, GLAAD executive Zeke Stokes couldn't reconcile his childhood dreams of country music stardom with the fact that he was gay.

Op-ed: Why I'm Wearing Purple Today

Today is GLAAD's Spirit Day. Join millions of others in wearing purple to support LGBT youth.

Op-ed: Ending Volunteer Service Is Military Equality's Next Fight

Is an all-volunteer military sustainable or fair? One author and retired major general says no.