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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a bisexual rapper and singer who has been covered often in media for her unapologetic use of slurs.

Azealia Banks Wants to Perform at the 'Epic' Inauguration

The controversial rapper is offering her talents to President-elect Donald Trump, after most A-list entertainers have refused to attend.

Azealia Banks's Latest Hateful Rant (Video)

London's Rinse FM's Born & Bred Festival tweeted last night they canceled her headline appearance because "we celebrate inclusivity and equality."

Azealia Banks Apologizes to Sarah Palin for Obscene Tweets

The rapper, who has never apologized for any of her many anti-LGBT tweets, tells Sarah Palin she's sorry for suggesting she should be gang raped, in response to a threatened lawsuit.

Azealia Banks: LGBT Community Is 'Like the KKK'

The rapper's most recent Twitter tirade reveals how she really feels about LGBT people.

Rapper Azealia Banks Uses Homophobic Slur Again

This time the troubled hip-hop artist lashes out against a Delta flight attendant.

Who's Really Homophobic in the Hip-Hop World

An out musician on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood demonstrates that it's not the audiences or most artists who have issues with gays.

12 Celebrities Who Said the F Word

When stars say an antigay slurs, it makes news and has an impact. Read about the past incidents, fallouts, and whether or not they apologized for the act.

Azealia Banks: 'Even If I Am a Homophobe ... So Wat?'

The bisexual rapper has engaged in a Twitter war with a gay Vice journalist.

Op-ed: Azealia Banks Needs to Stop Using Homophobic Slurs

The young bisexual rapper is defending her use of a slur that she has no business using.

New Music Single Smackdown: Mariah vs. Azealia Banks

Both the seasoned diva and the f-bomb dropping newbie have unleashed new ear candy this week. Which siren has the sweeter sound?

Azealia Banks Has New Video, Can't Stop Using Antigay Slur

The latest brouhaha on Twitter has Banks facing off against Perez Hilton and rapper Baauer.

Azealia Banks Sees Sales Rise in Wake of F Word Controversy

The bisexual rapper's dissing of Angel Haze and Perez Hilton didn't hurt, and may have helped, her music sales.