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Betsy DeVos

In recent days the Trump administration has endorsed anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination by groups receiving federal grants.

January 11 2021 4:46 PM

Randi Weingarten, the out president of the American Federation of Teachers, on how our current “leaders” are putting children in harm's way.

August 05 2020 2:56 PM

The LGBTQ+ community collectively says, “We told you so!”

July 14 2020 6:02 PM

The Catholic diocese in charge of the Pennsylvania school bars transgender students and staff.

September 19 2019 8:59 AM

The Education Secretary says she was well aware of the damage she was doing when she rolled back trans-inclusive guidelines in 2017.

April 10 2019 7:23 PM

The education secretary's boat — one of her family's 10 yachts — was untied from an Ohio marina and then crashed. 

July 26 2018 5:09 PM

The 14-year-old proved that some heroes do wear capes.

May 30 2018 2:47 PM