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Call Me By Your Name

Call Me by Your Name's Director Defends Straight Casting, No Nudity

Luca Guadagnino stood by his decision to cast Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer in the iconic gay parts.

Why Call Me by Your Name's Sequel Keeps Oliver & Elio (Mostly) Apart

Author Andre Aciman discusses his latest book, Find Me, which is no work of "fan fiction."

Call Me by Your Name's Author Reveals Elio Finds an Older Lover

Andre Aciman teases details of a reunion between Elio and Oliver in his sequel, Find Me -- and an intergenerational romance as well.

Armie Hammer Calls Out Anti-Trans Heckler at "Straight White Men"

When a heckler shouted at trans activist Kate Bornstein during the Broadway show, Hammer not only tweeted at the woman but vowed to report her to the theater.

'Call Me by Your Name' Screenwriter James Ivory on Queer Film

At the GLAAD Awards, Ivory notes the variety of people who love CMBYN and discusses how it carries the torch of 1987's Maurice.

'The Advocates' Podcast: 'Love, Simon' vs. 'Call Me by Your Name'

Was Love, Simon better than Call Me by Your Name? editor in chief Raffy Ermac joins Jessie and Tracy to discuss.

Timothée Chalamet, 'A Fantastic Woman' Win at Spirit Awards

The Call Me by Your Name star and transgender Chilean film were among the diverse winners at the ceremony, which is considered an Oscars bellwether.

How a Straight Man Wrote 'Call Me by Your Name'

Author André Aciman talks about the stories behind the modern gay classic Call Me by Your Name.

Director Reveals Details for 'Call Me by Your Name' Sequel

Out director Luca Guadagnino has a clear vision for the next chapter in Elio and Oliver's lives.

When Will Queer Women Get Their 'Call Me by Your Name' Oscars Moment?

The Oscars are finally becoming more diverse, but the Academy still fails to reward stories about queer women. 

Twitter Revolts Over Timothée Chalamet's SAG Loss to Gary Oldman

Fans of the Call Me by Your Name star are upset by his dimming Oscar prospects.

James Franco Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Tank His Oscar Chances

It's no longer 2017, when accused predator Casey Affleck won the Oscar. Allegations against Franco could make way for another actor like Timothee Chalamet to win. 


11 Moments Not to Miss at the Golden Globes

This year's ceremony promises politics, activism, feminism, LGBT content, and plenty of Veuve Clicquot. 

"Call Me By Your Name" Leaked Online

Three leading films for Oscar season were part of the leak. 

The 10 Best LGBT Films of 2017

Here are this year's scripted stories that shine in their depiction of queer lives.

Person of the Year: Transgender Americans

The Advocate highlights the people who gave the LGBT community hope in 2017.

19 Straight Films Where Call Me by Your Name's Age Gap Wasn't an Issue

A 17-year-old who dates a 24-year-old seems to be a problem only if it's a gay romance.

'Call Me by Your Name's Straight Casting Stirs Controversy

A BuzzFeed article criticizing Armie Hammer shines a light on the systemic privilege enjoyed by white straight actors in Hollywood.