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Catholic Church

The latest news about the Catholic Church and its stand on LGBT equality. Historically, the Catholic Church has taken a strong stance against the LGBT community, same-sex relationships, and issues of marriage equality. In recent years, the Church has been plagued by scandals regarding sex abuse cases between priests and children, with many criticizing the organization for sheltering the perpetrators. The Roman Catholic Church counts over one billion members worldwide, making it the largest Christian organization in the world. The Catholic Church is led by the Pope, also known as the Bishop of Rome.

Catholic college accused of bias by nonbinary former DEI director for refusing to use their pronouns

The former director has filed a discrimination complaint, alleging harassment and other mistreatment based on sexual orientation and gender identity at Providence College.

Pope Francis: Sexual pleasure is a gift from God, but avoid lust and porn

The statements come amid conservative criticism of the pope and news that the Vatican will issue a document on so-called gender ideology.

Gay New York Catholic school teacher says he was fired over a picture of him kissing his boyfriend

Michael J. Califano said church officials were

Colorado Catholic preschools say they have a right to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people

A trial is now underway as two Denver-area Catholic parishes sue over a conflict between religious beliefs and the program’s requirement not to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

'Threat to Catholic Identity:' Women's College Bans Trans Applicants After Bigots Complain

Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame announced its updated nondiscrimination policy in November, then the transphobes rallied.

Ex-Catholic Deacon Sentenced for 'Enticing' Gay Minors to Have Sex

Rogelio Vega had pleaded guilty to charges that he used Grindr and another app to "coerce and entice" minor boys to have sex.

Pope Francis Says Being Gay Isn’t a Crime

He still refers to homosexuality as a “sin” though.

Church Under Investigation by the Vatican for Sex Party Claims

The same priest supposedly behind the party was under investigation for child sex abuse.

Pope Benedict, aka 'God’s Rottweiler,' Seethed at Queers

Benedict's legacy won't be his resignation, rather his indignation towards the LGBTQ+ community's health, well-being, and marriages.

30 LGBTQ+ Religious Saints Throughout History

The Catholic Church and other faiths have celebrated many whom historians and scholars consider queer.

Vatican Reviews Policies on LGBTQ+ Parishioners, Women in Leadership

It's the latest example of the Catholic Church responding to criticisms over certain issues.

Catholic School Can Fire Lesbian for Being Married Says Federal Judge

A judge in Indiana ruled that a private Catholic school was within its rights to fire a long-time guidance counselor because she married her partner.

Lesbian Approved to Foster Children by Catholic Bishops After Suit

In 2020, Kelly Easter was denied a foster care opportunity because she is a lesbian, but now Catholic bishops say they approve.

Mass. School Can’t Call Itself Catholic for Flying Pride and BLM Flags

"The flying of these flags in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing, and scandalous message to the public," Bishop Robert McManus said in a decree.

Monks Sever Ties With School Months After It Hires Lesbian Coach

The monks had said they were "troubled" by the out coach's hiring.

Catholic Diocese Says LGBTQ+ People Are Not Allowed Sacraments

They can only be baptized, confirmed, or receive communion if they have "repented."

On LGBTQ+ Rights, Ghana’s Bishops Choose to Ignore Pope

As the Catholic Church continues to make more inclusive comments about LGBTQ+ rights, the Church's leadership in Ghana supports a violent and repressive draft law targeting LGBTQ+ people.

Court Revives Lawsuit After Gay Teacher Fired From Catholic School

Joshua Payne-Elliott sued the Indianapolis Archdiocese after he was terminated from his teaching job for having entered into a same-sex marriage.

Priest Busted Stealing Parish Money For Drugs and Gay Sex Parties

Father Francesco Spagnesi allegedly misappropriated more than $117,000 before being caught.

Antigay Catholic Newsletter Threatens to Out More Priests via Grindr

The Pillar has suggested in reports it could out several people using the hookup app, including some within the Vatican.