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CeCe McDonald

The One Question Laverne Cox Couldn't Answer; Could You?

The Advocate spoke with Laverne Cox at the premiere of her documentary, Free CeCe, and one question had her stumped. 

How Laverne Cox and I Helped Free CeCe McDonald

Filmmaker Jac Gares discusses why she and the Orange Is the New Black star made a documentary about the incarceration and release of a transgender woman.

This Black Trans Man Is in Prison for Killing His Rapist

Ky Peterson, a black trans man from Georgia, has been imprisoned three years for the 'involuntary manslaughter' of his attacker, which he says was in self-defense.

40 Under 40: Prison Turned CeCe McDonald Into an Activist

The Fighters: With a conviction that changed her life, CeCe McDonald found herself amid the struggles transgender women face in America's already unbalanced judicial system.

REPORT: U.S. Criminal System Discriminates Against LGBT People

A new report from the Center for American Progress lays out recommendations for changing the existing discriminatory patterns of incarceration that target LGBT and HIV-positive Americans.

CeCe McDonald's Next Fight

As the documentary around CeCe McDonald's life will show, prison isn't safe for anyone, especially transgender women.

WATCH: CeCe McDonald Makes First Television Appearance

After serving 19 months in a men's prison, CeCe McDonald sat down with MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss prison culture and the experience of being a trans inmate.

Laverne Cox Picks Up CeCe McDonald From Prison

Transgender folk hero CeCe McDonald walks free after being paroled two thirds of the way through her sentence for manslaughter.

CeCe McDonald to Be Released From Prison

McDonald will be released from prison January 13. Meanwhile, Orange Is the New Black star and fellow African-American trans woman Laverne Cox is producing a documentary about McDonald's life.

WATCH: Ebony Writer Honored for CeCe McDonald Report's Dr. Marc Lamont Hill wins a glaad award for asking, "Why Aren't We Fighting For CeCe McDonald?"

CeCe McDonald Prison Confinement Raises Concerns

CeCe McDonald, the transgender woman sentenced to 41 months in jail after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter in a violent attack against her, is being held in a male facility in Minnesota, including time in solitary confinement.

Op-ed: CeCe McDonald Was Punished for Surviving

Society too often accepts that young, black, transgender women are victims of violence.

CeCe McDonald Pleads Guilty, Headed to Prison

A report indicates McDonald has accepted a plea.

Fighting for her Life Trans Woman Charged With Murder

One night in front of a Minneapolis bar has changed CeCe McDonald's life forever.