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Colorado Springs

Survivors Confront Club Q Shooter at Sentencing Hearing

“I hope for the worst things possible in prison, and even that won’t be good enough.”

One Year Later, the 5 Victims of Club Q Shooting Are Still Remembered

Here are the innocent lives lost in the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs one year ago today.

Colorado’s Gay Governor Signs Gun Control Bills Into Law in Wake of Club Q Shooting

The state has a history of mass shootings going back to the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999.

Colorado Lawmaker Uses Tired Anti-LGBTQ+ Tropes On Right-Wing Podcast

State Rep. Scott Bottoms cried grooming and sexual abuse for sexual identity, while the podcast host said the LGBTQ+ community used "talons" to convert cis-straight folks.

Club Q Announces Plans to Reopen, Honor the 5 People Killed

The club's management said it was working with several groups to rebuild.

Club Q Suspect Anderson Aldrich Charged With 12 More Counts

It's in addition to the 305 already brought by prosecutors.

Club Q: New Charges Sought Against Suspected Gunman

The new charges are on top of the more than 300 Anderson Lee Aldrich already faces in connection to the deadly mass shooting.


New Revelations About Club Q Shooting Suspect Unsealed

A court record for the suspect explains what happened during a 2021 bomb threat incident.

Club Q Suspect Wanted to Be ‘the Next Mass Killer,’ Court Docs Say

Court documents obtained by media outlets detail a standoff that many say should have been a huge warning about the Colorado Springs shooter. 

Services Planned for Those Lost in Club Q Shooting

Some of the events are open to the public, others strictly for friends and family.

Club Q Will Reopen, Owner Promises

"This community has expressed wholeheartedly their need for the space that we've provided for 20 years," owner Nic Grzecka said.

Mother of Club Q Suspect Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Police detained Laura Voepel, 45, just hours after the Club Q attack.

Colorado Shooting Hero Advises When You Come Out, Come Out Swinging

Thomas James, who helped subdue the accused shooter, has released a statement from his hospital bed.

Focus on the Family, an Anti-LGBTQ+ Group, Defaced in Wake of Club Q

A group called Colorado Peoples Press claimed responsibility for spray-paitning "Their blood is on your hands" and "Five lives taken" on a sign at Focus's headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Prior 2021 Arrest of Club Q Gunman Spotlights Red Flag Laws

Five people were killed when a gunman opened fired at the club in Colorado Springs, Colo.

President & First Lady Call Club Q Owners to Offer Their Condolences

The mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs left five people dead.

Club Q Shooting: An Egregious Attack on a Sacred Queer Space

LGBTQ+ bars are sacred institutions in our community, places where we go to feel joy and be ourselves -- and that makes the Club Q tragedy all the more horrific.

Suspected Gunman in Club Q Shooting to Appear in Court

Formal charges can be expected within about 10 days, according to police.

Club Q Shooting Suspect Is Nonbinary, According to Lawyers

Anderson Lee Aldrich is accused of gunning down five people at Club Q in Colorado Springs. 

Pulse Survivors, Community Send Support to Club Q in Colorado Springs

A vigil took place on Sunday at Pulse Interim Memorial in Orlando to honor the five people lost during the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.