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Can you be both a proud trans woman and gender nonbinary at the same time? 

August 11 2017 10:29 AM

Will President Uhuru Kenyatta nudge his nation toward the future or keep it in the past?

August 10 2017 6:45 AM

Divisiveness around Zionism and the place of Jewish people within the LGBT community have gotten a lot of heated conversation, but little nuance.

August 10 2017 6:24 AM

Neither the president, the vice president, nor the secretary of State has taken action on the antigay atrocities in the Russian region.

August 09 2017 5:05 AM

There are some places — like the backrooms of gay bars — that should remain exclusive, Alexander Cheves writes.

August 08 2017 5:02 AM

A T-shirt company has released pro-LGBT swastika designs, much to the alarm of Jewish groups.

August 07 2017 4:43 PM

Posters for LGBT-themed films tell us as much about our history as the films themselves, says professor and collector Wes Davis.

August 07 2017 5:58 AM