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Connecticut Activists Launch New Statewide LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group

The queer rights organization has been in the making for more than a year.

Police Say Conn. Man Beaten to Death Because Attacker Thought He Was Gay

Video of the attack shows the victim being thrown headfirst off an elevated ramp.

Federal Appeals Court Tosses Anti-Trans Lawsuit Over School Sports

"Plaintiffs simply have not been deprived of a 'chance to be champions,'" the three-judge panel wrote.

Erick Russell Is First Black Gay Statewide Elected Official

Russell has been elected Connecticut state treasurer.

Local School Board OKs Pride Flag in Classroom

The school board agreed that LGBTQ+ Pride flags were not political statements.

Gay Bar Owners Demand Hate Crimes Charges For Suspect in Brutal Attack

Despite injuring one of the Connecticut bar's owners and allegedly hurling anti-LGBTQ+ slurs at people, the assailant hasn't been charged with a hate crime.

Exclusive: Doug Emhoff Will Meet With Gay and Transgender Kids Today

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will host a virtual roundtable today with LGBTQ+ students from across the country.

Out Candidates See Groundbreaking Wins in Connecticut, Minnesota

A Black gay man stands to become Connecticut's treasurer, while Black and transgender women had breakthroughs in Minnesota.

Burn LGBTQ+ Books for Children, Group of Mothers Demands Local Library

The group of mothers was upset about a special Pride display of LGBTQ-themed books in the children's section of a library in Connecticut.

Restaurant’s Pride Flag Stolen for Third Time

The gay-owned New Haven, Conn., restaurant posted the video of the theft on social media and got an outpouring of support.

Shawn Lang, Veteran Connecticut LGBTQ+ and HIV Activist, Has Died

Lang is being remembered as a "fiercely devoted advocate" for LGBTQ+ people and those living with HIV.

Judge Dismisses Suit Against Connecticut's Pro-Trans Sports Policy

The suit focused on two trans athletes, but they've now graduated, rendering the challenge moot, a federal judge ruled.

Connecticut Coffee Shop's Pride Flag Burned, Dropped at Front Door

The incident isn't the first time LGBTQ+ flags have been targeted in the area.

Biden Admin Withdraws Feds' Support for Anti-Trans Lawsuit

The Department of Justice will no longer back Connecticut parents suing to keep transgender girls from participating in girls' interscholastic sports.

Betsy DeVos's Education Dept. Threatens Funding for Pro-Trans Schools

The department says transgender girls shouldn't be allowed to compete with cisgender girls and threatens federal funding for some Connecticut locales.

Trump Admin Opposes Trans Girls' Participation in Girls' Sports

The Justice Department has taken a stand in a Connecticut lawsuit that seeks to bar trans girls from competing with their cisgender peers.

Connecticut Suit Targets Trans Female Student Athletes

A lawsuit filed by an anti-LGBTQ group claims trans girls have an advantage over cisgender girls -- not so, say advocates for trans athletes.

Catholic Parents Say Lesbian Daughter Wrongly Taken From Them

The Connecticut couple sued state and local officials over the matter.

New York Gov. Signs Ban of Gay, Trans Panic Defenses in Murder Cases

Andrew Cuomo's action comes shortly after the signing of similar bills in Hawaii and Connecticut.

Gay 'Kid Governor' of Conn. Says She'll Be 'First Lesbian President'

Fifth-grader Ella Briggs, who was bullied at her old school, ran on a pro-LGBTQ rights platform.