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Family Equality Council

GLAAD Ads Remind LGBTQ+ Voters What's at Stake in Midterm Election

With more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced across the United States in 2022, advocates are urging queer people and their allies to vote.

Congress Turns Back Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Amendment

A measure that would allow federally funded child welfare agencies to turn away LGBTQ parents and others has been defeated.

Canceled: LGBT Group Won't Bring Kids to North Carolina

The Family Equality Council said it could not ensure the safety of the transgender attendees and the children planning to join the weekend-long retreat in Hendersonville, N.C. 

LISTEN: Texas Rep. Blames Baltimore Uprising on LGBTs

In Rep. Bill Flores's tortured logic, same-sex marriages lead to family breakdown, which leads to situations like that seen in Baltimore this week.

Child of Lesbian Moms Says Same-Sex Marriage Is Wrong

A column written by a woman raised by lesbian moms argues that her upbringing was harmful.

Op-ed: The Gift of Adoption

Adoption is a process that is still inaccessible to many, leaving countless children without families.

Op-ed: Giving LGBT Families in Mississippi a Legal Hand

Even marriage equality will not end the struggles that numerous families face daily.

Op-ed: How Children Turned the Tide on Marriage Equality

Millions of children across the country helped make marriage equality a reality in so many homes.

Go Inside Family Equality Council's Star-Studded Awards Dinner

Performances by Melissa Etheridge, Darren Criss, Adam Lambert and Amber Patrice Riley were incredible, and the red carpet was crowded with stars supporting Family Equality Council on Saturday. Check out the sights and sounds.

New Archive Shows Real History of LGBT-Led Families

The Family Equality Council and Yale University have partnered to create an interactive timeline, and Yale is preserving an archive of materials on the LGBT family equality movement.