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Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Defends Himself From Allegedly Antigay Father

The out singer wrote a Tumblr post about his dad's homophobia and transphobia. His father responded by suing him.

Frank Ocean Escapes Record Label, Pockets Millions

Recording artists get tiny profit margins on their lucrative music, but Ocean wasn't about to let that happen to him.

Frank Ocean is Back with 'Blonde'

The out hip-hop singer returns with a film, a magazine and the long-awaited followup to his hit debut album.


Frank Ocean’s Poem About His Boyfriend

Frank Ocean wrote a poem titled "Boyfriend" for his newly released zine, Boys Don't Cry.

7 Things That Are Everything This Week

Lose yourself in Frank Ocean, Spa Night, and Dolly Parton.

Could Orlando Make Frank Ocean an Activist?

"Many hate us and wish we didn't exist," wrote Ocean in a lucid Tumblr post, about the Orlando shootings. 

Snoop Says Not Even Frank Ocean Can Change Rappers' Minds

Frank Ocean may have won a Grammy but he hasn't won over some in the rap world.…
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Clive Davis Applauds Hip-Hop For Embracing Frank Ocean

The recently out crooner says, "They accepted him as a person."…

Frank Ocean Beats Chris Brown ... at the Grammys

Ocean wins and Brown looks like a sore loser.…
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Did Chris Brown Jump Frank Ocean?

Out Artist Frank Ocean Scores Big in Grammy Nominations

The singer came out at the start of the year and ends its with nominations in some of the Grammys most important categories.

Is Frank Ocean Dating Model Willy Cartier?…
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