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Gay Cruising

As one of the few ways LGBT people could meet before internet chatrooms and Grindr, gay cruising has left an indelible mark on the LGBT imagination. Ask any Boomer or Gen Xer and they'll tell you: There was something special about walking through the streets or sitting on a park bench, surveying the guys around, waiting for your eyes to catch. While Grindr has dealt a blow to cruising, it hasn't made it obsolete--there's nary a gay club bathroom in the world where one can't indulge in this oldest, most visceral form of same-sex courtship.

Used Condoms in Cruising Areas Are Killing Giant Lizards

Researchers studied almost 300 public sex spots in the Canary Islands and found widespread harm to plants and animals caused by public pleasure seekers.

Buckingham Palace May Have Been Site of Gay Brothel in the 1600s

Gay cruising areas and brothels may have begun popping up in London around the 17th century, according to historians.  

Sec. Pete Buttigeig Hopes Cruising Can Commence This Summer

Is Hot Boy Summer back on?

'Cherry Grove Stories' Doc Tells Fire Island's Wild Origin Story

Tales from the Meet Rack, the drag queen "invasion" of the Pines, and more.

'Trophy Boy' Shows the Reality Behind Sexy Social Media Images

In the new short film, an Instagram star sees the persona he created falls apart.

Scruff Wants to End the Days of 'No Asians' or 'Only Latinos'

The company's CEO describes how he's working to end racial profiling on the hook-up app. 

5 Cruises for the Non-Cruising Type

If you're not into floating circuit parties, these journeys are for you.

25 Public Places Where Gay Men Cruised

A history of, and primer for, sex hunting.

Op-ed: Stop Slut-Shaming Marc Jacobs, Gay Cruising

Even though Marc Jacobs hardly stands as an accurate representative for all queer people, his recent affirmation of sexuality as a part of queerness is spot-on.

Ten Lessons From A Gay Cruise Virgin

You can sleep when it's over. Here's the skinny on how to enjoy your first gay cruise.