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Utah Patriot Front Homophobe Sentenced for Child Pornography

Many have noted that once again, the pedophile is not a drag queen.

Utah Patriot Front Extremist Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges

The “anti-groomer” right-wing radical group member himself admitted to engaging inappropriately with children.

Idaho Gov. Signs Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill,' Other Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

His action comes shortly after the signing of "bathroom bills" in Arkansas and Iowa.

Idaho Advances Bill to Criminalize Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

The bill, passed by the House and now going to the Senate, calls for a prison sentence of up to 10 years for health care workers who authorize or provide the care.

Man Indicted for Allegedly Trying to Hit 2 Gay People With a Car

Because Idaho doesn't have a hate crimes law that covers sexual orientation, the U.S. government sought to indict the defendant on a federal hate crime charge.

Idaho School Board Meeting Erupts in Chaos Over LGBTQ-Inclusive Policy

Several residents of Caldwell, Idaho, said the policy would go against God's laws, and a state senator threatened board members with litigation.

Idaho Settles Lawsuit Over Outdated, Homophobic Anti-Sodomy Law

Men were forced to register as sex offenders over convictions for having consensual sex.

Republicans in Idaho Are Trying to Ban Drag Performances

A leader of a conservative group who supports the state bill compared drag to the racist practice of blackface.

Man Faces Charges of Burning Pride Flag & Trying to Run Over 2 Women

He has reportedly admitted to authorities that he's committed multiple crimes against the local LGBTQ+ community. 

Boise Rallies Around Couple After Pride Flag Burned

Brett Perry (pictured) and John Michael Schert say the incident was traumatizing, but they're gratified by the level of support they've received.

Drag Performer Sues Right-Wing Blogger Over Indecent Exposure Claims

Eric Posey, who performs as Mona Liza Million, says Summer Bushnell defamed him with a false accusation of indecent exposure at an Idaho Pride event.

Zion Banks Drops Pride Sponsorship Support Over Drag Show

Boise Pride organizers said that they expect a large turnout, regardless of the bank's decision.

White House Gives Monkeypox Response Update After Vaccine Push

The Biden administration's monkeypox coordinator and deputy coordinator provided the current information about the outbreak and cases in the U.S.

Idaho Librarian Quits, Citing 'Extremism' Over Queer Content and More

A librarian in Boundary County says the community's Christian conservative extremism has made her reconsider working and living there.

Attacks on the LGBTQ+ Community Amount to Stochastic Terrorism

Juliette Kayyem, one of the world's foremost experts in terrorism, says rhetoric from agitators online has inspired predictable acts of violence.

Two Patriot Front Members Charged With Defacing Washington Pride Mural

Men who were arrested last month in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, have been charged with crimes involving anti-LGBTQ+ vandalism in neighboring Washington.

Idaho Radio Station Claps Back at Critics of LGBTQ+ Pride Logo

"Flag stays up for another month, deal with it," Boise station 96.9 The Eagle posted on Facebook.

White Nationalist With Gay Father Kicked Out Over Attempted Pride Riot

Jared Michael Boyce's mother told her son to pack his bags following his arrest for being part of the hate group Patriot Front's plot to disrupt a Pride event in Idaho.

Patriot Front Members Arrested on Way to Target Pride Event

A tipster reported the group of identically clad extremists before they could get to their destination.

GOP Senators End Effort to Criminalize Gender-Affirming Care in Idaho

While still opposing such procedures, Idaho Republican Senate leaders decided it would be government overreach to threaten doctors with life in prison.