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Houthis sentence 9 men to death on dubious 'sodomy' charges in Yemen

A Houthi court sentenced 32 men on charges of "sodomy" earlier this year, a Human Rights Watch investigation has found.

Gay Jewish Lawmaker's Apartment Targeted With Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Maryland Delegate Joe Vogel’s vandalized residence reflects a grim ripple effect as experts warn of escalating inter-community conflicts with the ongoing Middle East turmoil.

Feds Thwart Planned Mass Shooting on Gay Clubs, Synagogues

The suspect from New Jersey allegedly planned to conduct a mass shooting targeting synagogues and gay clubs.

Senator Wants Trans People Defined According to How They Pee

A Pakistani lawmaker made the bizarre assertion that those people who are considered transgender must "keep one hole for urination."

Anti-LGBTQ+ Candidate Kathy Barnette Has Shot at U.S. Senate Seat

Barnette, also a virulent Islamophobe, has seen her support in the Pennsylvania Republican primary rise sharply.

Liliana Bakhtiari Is First Nonbinary Member of Atlanta City Council

Bakhtiari, who won a runoff election last week, is also the first queer Muslim elected to any position in Georgia.

Biden Nominates Lesbian Rabbi to Religious Freedom Commission

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, leader of LGBTQ-focused Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, provides a contrast to Donald Trump's homophobic appointees.

An Open Letter to Queer Muslim Youth in America

A queer Muslim encourages LGBTQ+ young people to embrace their whole identity. 

This Gay Muslim School Board Member Knows How Much Education Matters

N.J. Akbar, newly elected to Akron, Ohio's school board, reflects on childhood struggles with learning and the diversity he brings to his work.

Nicki Minaj Cancels Saudi Arabian Gig to Support Women, LGBTQ People

Money is not enough to make rapper perform for homophobic Saudi regime.

An Explainer on Sharia Law and Why It Shouldn't Be Used to Punish Gays

Draconian laws like those in Brunei are based on a misapplication of Sharia, which isn't really a legal code, Islamic scholars and activists say.

Brunei's Antigay Laws Are Too Much Even for Ted Cruz

The notoriously homophobic senator has condemned Brunei's plan to punish gay sex with death by stoning.

Middle Eastern LGBTQ Activism Produces Progress, Inspiration

There is much yet to be done in the region, but advances in four countries offer reason for hope, says a new report.

Inside Germany's LGBTQ-Inclusive Mosque

A student shares his story of acceptance and deradicalization.

Poll: Germans More Tolerant of LGBTQ People Than Muslims

Germans are comfortable with gays -- and even of insurance companies covering medical transitions -- but not as fond of Muslims in their neighborhood, says a new survey.

LGBT Muslims, Allies Come Together for Pride

Islam and queer are not mutually exclusive.

Pulse Survivor, Queer Muslim Activist Call Out Tucker Carlson at GLAAD Awards

Brandon Wolf and Blair Imani blame the Fox News host for inciting his viewers' hateful messages.

Asian LGBT Community: End Trump's Muslim Ban

Asian-Americans are familiar with our nation's history of travel bans, which included Chinese immigrants and anyone with HIV. This latest ban is just as horrible.

Indonesian Muslims Stage Anti-Facebook Protest

Over 100 Indonesian Muslims gathered to protest in front of Facebook's Jakarta office after the social media giant shut down multiple hardline Islamic groups' accounts. 

Queer Actress-Writer Fawzia Mirza on Embracing 'Muslimness'

Mirza talks about integrating all aspects of her identity and finding the commonalties with other people.