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Liberty Counsel

Read the latest news about Liberty Council, an antigay organization helmed by Mathew Staver. A longtime supporter of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, Liberty Counsel is a faith-based law firm that is affiliated with Liberty University and its antigay founder Rev. Jerry Falwell. It has been involved with a number of landmark cases that have determined the progress of LGBT rights, including Lawrence v. Texas. Read more about Liberty Counsel and other organizations that influence the gay rights movement in America.

Christian Right Loves Labor's 'License to Discriminate' Rule

Liberty Counsel and the Family Research Council lauded a proposal to let federal contractors claim a religious basis for discrimination against LGBTQ people and others.

Right-Wingers Are Going Ballistic Over the Equality Act

Liberty Counsel claims the Equality Act threatens religious freedom, while Glenn Beck says a Trump defeat in 2020 means the downfall of America.

Hate Group Leader Objects to LGBTQ Inclusion in Anti-Lynching Bill

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel claims the legislation opens a "back door" to antidiscrimination law. 

Kim Davis May Become a Minister After Election Loss

Davis, who rose to infamy after denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples, will likely pursue ministry, her attorney says.

Right-Winger Mat Staver: Buying Girl Scout Cookies Leads to Abortion

That Thin Mint you're eating could lead to sexual promiscuity and abortion, according to Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver. 

Liberty Counsel Founder: Hate Group Label Is Like Nazi Persecution of Jews

Mat Staver likened the designation to forcing Jews to wear the Star of David.

Kim Davis Lawyer: Homophobes Persecuted Like 'Jews in Nazi Germany'

The attorney who represents the homophobic Kentucky official claims anti-LGBT groups are the real ones experiencing persecution.

Far-Right Legal Orgs Object to 'Hate Group' Label, But It Fits

The Southern Poverty Law Center is standing by its designation of the Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel as "hate groups." 

ACLU Sues Kim Davis and Her County for $233K in Legal Fees

The organization says because it prevailed in the suit over Davis's refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, it's entitled to recoup costs. But Davis's lawyer says she was the winner.

GOP’s New Hate Bill Not Hateful Enough for Liberty Counsel

The right-wing Liberty Counsel is now refusing to support a bill that protects all moral convictions regarding marriage — the group wants to it specifically demean same-sex marriage. 

Jerry Falwell Jr.: I Agree With Trump's LGBT Platform '100 Percent'

One of the nation's leading antigay conversatives has applauded a recent speech from the Republican nominee.

'Enemies of Equality' Report Draws Liberty Counsel's Ire

Freedom for All Americans charts the interlocking relationships of anti-LGBT groups, and Liberty Counsel protests, especially against conservative LGBT rights supporter Paul Singer.

Kim Davis Just Wants to Make the Case Against Her Go Away

The antigay Kentucky county clerk claims a new law gives her all the "religious accommodation" she ever desired.


Liberty Counsel: 'Pedophiles' Behind Trans-Inclusive Policies

So says the hate group's chairman, Mat Staver — but he doesn't identify any individuals or groups.

Liberty Counsel Admits There Is No 'Bathroom Predator'

Anita Staver, the president of Liberty Counsel, claims Target's policy “put a bull's-eye on women.”

Right-Wingers Pledge to Carry Guns to Bathroom

But they aren't scared of "transgenders," the conservative activists promise. They just want to protect themselves and others against "perverts." 

Tennessee Won't Make the Bible Its State Book

That is, unless legislators override Gov. Bill Haslam's veto, which he announced today.

Liberty Counsel Admits It's Behind Those 'Bathroom Bills'

The leader of the anti-LGBT legal nonprofit says he "certainly" wants "to push back" on the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. 

Kim Davis's Lawyers Offer Free Legal Defense for N.C. Law

The Liberty Counsel offered its legal services to North Carolina—for free.

Tennessee GSA Supporters Rally While Hate-Group Leader Calls It 'Vile'

Franklin County High School's Gay-Straight Alliance has attracted the attention of a hate-group leader who condemns it as "sexual weirdness."