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Lucas Grindley

Lucas Grindley: My Goodbye to The Advocate

The current editor in chief departs The Advocate with a reminder of an old memo about its future.

Waiting for Obama

Reminders are everywhere that we lack a president who knows what to say when times get tough.

Tell Your Neighbor We’ll Get Through This Together

Anthony Kennedy's retirement means Trump's effect lasts longer, so we have to outlast even that.

What the Media Gets Wrong About Pulse

Erasing homophobia from Pulse is both dangerous and inaccurate.

Supreme Court's Cake Ruling Will Be Shamed by History

The justices don't like hearing that discrimination is based on bigotry, not religion.

'50 Years, 50 Heroes': Honoring Matthew Shepard

For The Advocate's 50th Anniversary, Pride Media's president, Lucas Grindley, honors the gay man whose murder inspired anti-hate crime laws, Matthew Shepard.

LGBTs to America: 'We Told You So'

For the last time, Donald Trump is not an LGBT ally.

Ivanka Trump's Pride Tweets Don't Make Her an LGBT Ally

No rainbow hashtag can fix what the Trump administration is doing.

Donald Trump Quoted Jesus and No One Questioned It

The president hasn't explained what morally justifies his botched mission in Yemen. 

There's No Such Thing as a Silent Ally

Ivanka Trump surrogates claim she's a friend to LGBT people. Meanwhile, she says nothing.

I Am Not Afraid of America; Trump Is

The president's "me first" mentality is un-American, and he knows it.

Republicans Are Afraid of The Resistance

We can stop the GOP. We did it this week.

#DayInLGBT Is a Chance to Tell Our Own Stories

Don't let America live in an alternate reality. Share a photo using hashtag #DayInLGBT.

Donald Trump Doesn't Know the Meaning of 'Harassed'

Even on Broadway, standing up for your rights isn't harassment, it's the American way.

Protests Have to Be for Something

We have a lot more to say than "not my president."

Trump Is Lying About Marriage Equality

Don't be fooled by the president-elect's 60 Minutes interview.

Dear Trump-Loving Family Members, You Betrayed Us

Trump caused rifts between friends and family even before Election Day. Now what?

Giving Trump a Chance Is Foolish

This isn't a time to rally around President Trump; it's time to rally for our rights.

This Election Is Frightening for What It Means

The country that voted on Tuesday isn't the one that backed so much progress.

The 'Don't Boo, Vote' Effect Will Take Down Trump

The real evaluation of Trump's candidacy will come on Election Day.